New Feature, It’s DualSense Display: PlayStation 5 Controller

Sony officially announced the controller for the next generation console, PlayStation 5 this morning. No longer called DualShock, this time the game controller is called DualSense. What do they look like and what are their abilities? The following is direct information provided at

1. DualSense will be white and look bigger than DualShock 4

From the pictures provided, you can see for yourself how the shapes and colors provided by Sony for this PS5 controller. White with black lines, this controller design is a development of DualShock 4 which has received a lot of feedback from developers and users.

2. This controller will be equipped with more sophisticated audio features

It is written on the official PlayStation article if audio has been a concern of PlayStation console developers for a long time, but it can only be developed now. Sony also tested its exploration in DualSense by providing a feature called Tempest 3D AudioTech. Not informed what this innovation will be like.

3. Steady buttons for L2 and R2

One of the things that stands out the most is the top button for L1, L2, R1 and R2. With black, the button looks bigger than the previous controller. Sony deliberately made it that way and they say if the buttons will be far more responsive than before, especially L2 and R2.

“We also apply triggers that are more adaptive to the L2 and R2 DualSense buttons so you can feel the true sensation of the actions you take, such as pulling arrows to shoot,” wrote a statement on the

4. Try to reduce the size

This more adaptive trigger innovation is recognized for bringing up the controller. Because of that the developers try as much as possible to reduce the size of DualSense to remain comfortable to hold and play. They also said they slightly changed the angle of the top buttons and adjusted again for grip issues.

5. There is no longer a “share” button on this controller

PlayStation deliberately discards this button by design, but not conceptually. The “share” button is now replaced by the “create” button. The reason is that PlayStation hopes players don’t just share experiences, but create more experiences. There are no further details about this feature. They only said they would immediately give details when approaching release.

6. Has a mic inside

To ensure better communication between fellow players in the online world, DualSense is given a microphone like DualShock 4. Of course this mic will function better than the previous generation controller. It’s just that PlayStation still appeals to prepare a headset if you want to communicate better.

7. Made as economical as possible

The concept and design development of Dual Sense is said to last several years. The developer has carried out several tests for hand-held problems by testing them with various sizes of hands. The aim is none other so that gamers can play as if they are not using a controller.

PS5 information will continue to be provided even if only online. A little funny considering some have commented that it does not really match the design and features. Like the deep mic feature that is feared to hear the players talking. Apart from that let’s just wait what PS5 will be like.