Month: May 2019

How To Replace Seiki TV Firmware

Latest TechnologyWhen you’ve got ever used a house cleaner, you’re probably properly aware of the vacuum know-how that’s used in at present’s products. These truly already exist to a degree. Quadriplegics have been utilizing them for years to talk by means of a computer. The know-how isn’t as refined as it might be nevertheless it’s effectively on its method. That means there could possibly be a degree sooner or later where you do not want a mouse or a keyboard anymore. You’ll be able to just assume issues they usually happen on display screen. This is great for people who have disabilities, people who want to be productive, and for avid gamers.

In April 2015, Jason Johnston and his girlfriend had been arrested for allegedly stealing between $500 and $1,500 worth of items from a Walmart Supercenter in Westworth Village, Texas. Johnston had a history of obsessive-compulsive dysfunction, attention deficit disorder …

History of Technological Development

In this modern era, of course we are familiar with the term “technology“. Many of us interpret technology narrowly, which is only limited to tools or machines that are connected to electricity. Whereas in fact technology is a variety of purposes and various forms of equipment or systems that function to provide comfort and convenience for humans. Through this understanding, we can also interpret that a pencil is also a technology.

Over time, technology continues to change. This change is certainly based on human needs that are constantly changing. In this article, I will discuss technological developments from the beginning of human life to the present day.

1.      Prehistoric technology

Prehistory is a period where humans lived before knowing writing. Maybe we often hear about the story of the discovery of fire by ancient humans. Fire is one of the first technological inventions of humans in this era …


Cool GadgetsThere are such a lot of gadgets and tech merchandise on the internet, a few of them are cool, a few of them are useless and some of them are actually really expensive. Essentially the most transformative tech devices usually look unassuming: when was the last time you gazed at your EZPass with admiration? But electronic toll-collection programs have saved drivers countless hours of sitting in traffics. A sensible telephone, for all it might do, is equally compact, and travelers can use it to do all the things a journey agent would have up to now, and extra: book hotels or lease residences, meet people, prepare rides, buy tickets, find restaurants, and make reservations. Different devices are geared more for the outside, from fashionable GoPro moveable video cameras to handheld GPS satellite tv for pc devices and solar-powered cell-telephone chargers. Travel + Leisure reviews the most recent tech, from good …